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L280 - Session 1

Page history last edited by Kathryn Peters 11 years, 10 months ago

Session notes


Session Title: TurboVote - improving voter information and outreach via Web 2.0 technologies

Discussion Leaders:

  • Seth Flaxman  (sethflaxman at gmail)
  • Katy Peters (kathryn dot e dot peters at gmail)



  • A rough transcript is available at http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dcf5c7dj_176f7vrpff8  
  • Contact kathryn dot e dot peters at gmail for edit permissions if any participants would like to continue the conversation, correct any errors I've made, or join a wave for future collaboration! 


Follow-Up Items

  • A huge thanks to everyone who took an hour to help develop this concept! 

Comments (3)

Nikita said

at 11:43 am on Mar 6, 2010

For prototyping - PHP has a meetup coming up about the subject: http://www.meetup.com/bostonphp/calendar/list/

Kathryn Peters said

at 12:15 pm on Mar 6, 2010

thanks, Nikitia!

Tom Dyer said

at 8:54 pm on Mar 6, 2010

check out trustthevote , http://www.trustthevote.org/

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