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L150 - Session 3

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VIDEO: http://bit.ly/Get2Yes


"Getting to Yes" - notes by Jon Garfunkel


Session Title: Getting to Yes


Discussion Leaders:

  • Brad M. Blake
  • Jess Weiss


Video of Session (provided by VideoMinutes):




  • Risks
    • Privacy, 3rd-party tools
  • Best practices
    • Legal
    • Participation policy - http://www.mass.gov/itd/socialmedia 
    • Who its coming from
      • Government vs. private
    • Depersonalized accounts
      • not tied to the office, but to the person.


How to pitch

  • Based on Federal examples:
    • Wiki internally at Mass.gov based on on internal wiki based on Intellipedia
  • Whom to pitch to:
    • Municipal Association
  • Ambition
    • Leader campaigns on openness
  • Crisis
    • e.g., Swine flu



  • Resources
    • State level vs. those at small towns
      • Small towns do not have resources
      • DEP - scientists & economists, no interest in marketing
  • Open Meeting Law



  • Open Records -- What is official communication for open records
    • Includes rejected comments
    • Social Media Archivist
    • Public officials need to respond on people's blogs
    • Phone calls are not recorded -- wiretapping
  • Open Meeting Law
    • If quorom of committee "meets" in cyberspace
  • Public vs. Private information
    • Example of AG office: directing people to appropriate channels
  • How to institutionalize to improve efficacy
    • Scorecard
    • Ombudsmen
    • Communications office deals with press, while 



  • Toolkits for each platform
  • Have an RFQ out for new tools
  • Monitoring



  • MyDedham.org 
  • Newburyport
  • Franklin
  • Worcester



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