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L150 - Session 2

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VIDEO: http://bit.ly/VidPublicMeet

Session Title: Video and Public Minutes


Discussion Leaders:


Three Aspects

  • Legal ramifications
    • Open Meeting Law
    • No protocol for email meetings
    • Federal government negotiated with YouTube
  • Technical aspect 
    • Production values
      • Lighting, sound are critical, more so than the camera
      • Multiple cheap cameras
      • Editing: automated systems vs. manual editing
    • Real-time Annotation of video
    • How to get real-time voting
    • CDS Solutions facilitating the meeting
  • Social / Political
    • Interaction
      • Google Groups -- "effective sunlight"
    • How to remove anonymity
    • How to control the message
    • Too much accountability because everything is reported
  • Financing
    • Who pays?
    • Commercial ownership of real-time interaction sessions.



  • 20 / 20 / 60 rule of who participates



  • Sunlight Foundation - covering healthcare summit


Different Meeting Types

  • Committee Meetings -- Parliamentary procedure Live engagement only 
    • Citizen comments prior to meeting
    • During meeting
  • Call-in shows (non-official)



  • Public Participation Gap -- what hearing is happening when?
  • Public Response Glut
    • Especially at federal level
    • Many responses, not enough people/time to respond
  • Time optimization


Follow-Up Items

  • Notes

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