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L130 - Session 2

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Session notes

VIDEO: http://bit.ly/DemoData

Session Title: Democratizing, Structuring, and Transforming Data


Discussion Leaders:

  • W. David Stephenson (@data4all)
  • Dan O’Neil from EveryBlock (juggernautco), www.derivativeworks.com
  • Jeff Sonstein (@jeffsonstein)



  • Bringing in the public: where to start.
  • Neighborhood getting what they want/need.
  • challenge for government: info (context-bound) not just data.
  • P/R ramifications of mash-ups using data without appropriate context vs. Just open it up. There are always bad apples out there who will try to manipulate.
  • How to deal w/figuring out what "the people want".
  • How to figure out what level of granularity is appropriate.
  • Build for worst-case
  • In seeking access to data, what are the low-hanging fruit? 
  • What is the most constructive way to frame questions for government?
  • RDFa - A way to describe resources and connections between them. Both humans and machines can reason from the same document.
    • Drupal 7 about to release with RDFa built-in support.
      • Drupal Meetup first Tuesday of every month in Boston
  • Let citizens connect directly from data to a person.
  • Data files vs. query APIs
  • Data impact statement for anything the government is collecting data for.
  • Open Data Kit - Smart forms (via Google Code)
  • Offer data that folks will use to build a constituency to support scale
  • Engage the local geeks (hold a hackfest) -- there are a lot of coders willing to help out on the weekends 


Repeating Key Words

  • Context
  • Tagging
  • Budgets and barriers
  • Meta data
  • Standards
  • Data constituency 


Resources Mentioned:



Comments (2)

Tom Dyer said

at 1:50 pm on Mar 6, 2010

Boston Ruby Group holds meetings and hackfests. Suggest you attend a meeting, look for help and propose a project to hack on during a hackfest.

Next mtg is Tues 3/9 in Cambridge, see site for more.

Kate Geyer said

at 3:13 pm on Mar 6, 2010

The Cambridge Semantic Web Meetup is hosting a discussion of the Massachusetts Open Data Initiative and metadata this week, Tuesday, March 9th. It would be great to have more discussion there!

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