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L130 - Session 1

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Session notes - Jon Garfunkel taking notes


Session Title: Mapping


Discussion Leaders:

  • Matthew Davis ESRI - world leader in GIS (geographic information systems) spatial modeling tools
  • Christian Jacqz, http://mass.gov/mgis 



  • Why are people interested in mapping?
    • Making mapping interesting to broad general public
  • What kind of datasets should be shared?
  • How does that improve things in government?
  • Location-based mobility
  • Situational Awareness, Data storage
  • Risks / Dangers
    • Privacy
    • Trust/Safety
    • Misuse of map information
    • Crimes maps as "red-lining", lead to downward spiral
    • Ethics
  • Different Technologies
    • GIS vs. Google Maps: the perception among some is that GIS formats are not sufficiently open
    • Consumerization of technology
  • Making it happen: Vision to Funding to Execution
    • Culture
    • Mainstreamed
  • Source of Data
    • Government collection
      • Satellite images - (Federal level, captured by satellites) - for fee?
      • Orthophoto (state level, captured by planes) - available for free
    • "Crowdsourcing"
  • Standardized land use code
  • Mapping Steps
    • Collect
    • Validate (Geotagging, tweaking) 
    • Visualize (Prepare the map)
    • Share (Provide the map)
    • Analyze



Mapping Topics

  • Transportation
    • Potholes
    • Parking
    • Speed Trap identifying
    • Traffi
  • Public Safety
    • 911
    • National
    • "Please Rob Me"
  • Public Health
  • Planning, "what if scenarios"


Follow-Up Items

  • Wiki resource - Map Topic vs. steps



  • Situational Awareness - Knowing information now
  • Maps, Data, Visualization, Time
  • Geotagging
  • GIS




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