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Attendee directory

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Tell us a bit about yourself!





Tricia White


Contact Info








Senior Business Advisor at MA Small Business Development Center Network

What you hope to learn at Gov 2.0 Camp New England

Strategies, rules and regulations for social media in government

James Turner 


Twitter: blackbearnh 

Contributing Editor, O'Reilly Media

NH Volunteer, 50 State Project 

What interesting things are happening in NE Open Government 
Jeff Blasius jeff@seeclickfix.com CTO SeeClickFix.com What's new with the open data movement?
Andrea Mercado Twitter: andreamercado  Techie Citizen

Trends in open government, how govts tailor tech to different constituency groups

Peter Corbett  peter at istrategylabs doc com, corbett3000 CEO, iStrategyLabs | co-creatator, Apps for Democracy | co-organizer Government 2.0 Camp  I'm interested to see what NE's gonna do to catch up with DC, NYC and SF! 
Sarah Bourne Twitter: sarahebourne Mss.Gov  technology strategist; assistive technology lab manager. Strategies and approaches yielding measurable results in state and local government through the use of social media, open data, and other transparency initiatives.
Deborah Elizabeth Finn Twitter:  Deborah909 Strategist and consultant to nonprofits and philanthropies, specializing in technology strategies that support their missions. How to bring it all together for better government and a better community.  How to help nonprofit advocacy groups work more effectively.
Shava Nerad


Twitter: shava23

Working on leadership development curricula, online/off, for about 15 years, professional/volunteer.  Nonprofit consultant/execdir, with lots of academic/business experience too.  Currently CEO of a semi-serious game industry startup.  Authoring educational software since 1982, same year I got on the Internet. Who can pick up my curriculum, as startup-mode isn't giving me much time to teach.  Ideas about translating the curriculum to online.   How I can help with my now limited hours.  What cool things are out there?
Georgy Cohen  @radiofreegeorgy on Twitter  Managing Editor, Web Communications at Tufts University. Freelance writer and web communications professional. Public transit evangelist.   Curious about how social web communications strategies play out in government, specifically with regard to public transit. Also morbidly curious about potential applications of digital storytelling for government. 
Justin Mosebach


Twitter: @VideoMinutes

Link for where webcast is to be archived: http://bit.ly/gov20ne

Helping to bring local government public meetings online w/ video. We did the webcast version of #gov20ne
How much local governments are implementing technology for open government and what caused them to actually do so.
Ari Herzog



Intersecting the internet and public policy as an online media strategist and Newburyport city councilor. Too many people and agencies worry about the what. I'm curious who is asking questions about the why and the how... and if so, what.
Laurel Ruma @laurelatoreilly Gov 2.0 Evangelist at O'Reilly Media; MBTA Green Line Extension to Medford/Rt 16 abutter/advocate; Boston Girl Geek Dinner founding member Interested to hear about how cities and towns are thinking differently with the present budget crisis.
Rob Goodspeed  rob.goodspeed at gmail.com, goodspeedupdate.com  Urban planning PhD student at MIT  Hearing about innovative projects related to urban planning & policy
Colin Rhinesmith


colin(at)cctvcambridge(dot)org @cctvcambridge



Community Media & Technology Manager for Cambridge Community Television and Adjunct Lecturer at Bentley University Interested to learn how local communities use online networks to foster civic engagement and digital literacy.
Brad Blake

Work: Brad.Blake@state.ma.us

Personal: @bradmblake

Director of New Media & Online Strategy

Massachusetts Office of the Governor

Working with others on using web2.0/social media in government to drive more clear results (cost savings, educated feedback into public policy, more efficient government, etc.).
Mike Slagh 



Kennedy School MPP student, blog founder, naval officer 

Learn about projects relating to national security and the military; meet some cool people 


Katy Peters 

kathryn_peters at hks11.harvard.edu


HKS Masters in Public Policy candidate

Information Architect, TurboVote project

Applying tech tools to governance issues; ICT for development; also loves Crema cafe!
Mark Drapeau 

drapeaum at live.com



Director of Innovative Social Engagement, Microsoft U.S. Public Sector; Gov 2.0 Expo co-chair  Innovation at scale; Unique approaches; Who else loves Crema Cafe 
Kate Norton


Twitter: @norton_kate

New Media Director, Martha Coakley for Attorney General, and former Manager of Web & Publications, Massachusetts Attorney General's Office

Take a guess...

Quantifying social media influence; streamlining web2.0; effective messaging (best impact).

Eric Gordon


Twitter: @ericbot


Assistant Professor of New Media at Emerson College Interested in finding ways to balance the desire for data expediency with the need for human contact and social interaction.
alex patriquin 

alex at wattzy dot com 


founder & ceo of wattzy.com,

a social network for energy efficiency 

new possibilities for energy, social media and open data
Teresa Martin teresa@capeeyes.com elected official, barnstable county; writer at www.capeeyes.com; consultant on doing business in the digital age ideas and energy to incorporate into my community role, as well as my professional role; esp interested in the role of government itself in the 2.0 world - do we need it?



ian.graham.campbell at gmail.com

twitter: atavistian 

Writer/blogger, futures thinker, techno-tracker, also an emergency services dispatcher. How Gov 2.0 may affect our experiences and interactions in the coming years. 
Alison Harris 

aliharris@comcast.net or


Mobile: 781-424-3293

Director of Communications for the Commonwealth's Executive Office of Labor & Workforce Development  Ways to improve integration of social media into the traditional media mix while being mindful of the needs of diverse audiences.  
Bill Proia 




mobile: 508 414 0313


Attorney practicing extensively in public law representing both government and private sector clients mainly in regulatory environment highly dependent upon public administrative efficiencies Methods for improving e-filing of regulatory applications and related administrative records and providing that material in e-form to interested parties, creating e-fora for hearings related to those matters for integrating interested parties
Ruth Urell



Twitter: ruthurell


Director, Reading Public Library I'm interested in learning how to enhance people's access to local government and improve communications.
Chris Horne



MIT 2010 Master of City Planning

Meeting other like minded people and seeing how government can become more responsive and engaging.

Aldon Hynes



Twitter: ahynes1

Blog: www.orient-lodge.com

Other links on DandyID

Old guard geek, blogger, social networker, political activist, citizen journalist, etc.

Building bridges between different people and groups interested in Open Government.

Jeff Sonstein

email: jxsast at rit dot edu

Twitter: @jeffsonstein

Blog: http://chw.rit.edu/blog/

Other links: my RIT site

IT prof fascinated with potentials for mobile connectivity to transform societies, W3C participant, old hacker.

Finding others interested in building tools for citizens to use.

Graham Webster

email: g9 at gwbstr dotcom

Twitter: @gwbstr

Website: gwbstr.com

Other links: infopolitics.net, a new blog on information and political change

East Asian studies graduate student at Harvard, political scientist, student of e-government in China, authoritarian countries, and the United States.

Exchanging perspectives with gov2.0 professionals and scholars in the U.S., and pinning down some of the similarities and differences between authoritarian and democratic government informatization

Christian Spanring

Twitter: @spanaut

Website: spanring.eu

Working with GIS and building web apps in an urban planning and regional data environment.

Expectations from open data initiatives. Hearing more about open gov and participation projects addressing the town-hall-meeting divide.

Guido Stein 



GIS Analyst and Social Media Guy who enjoys working with community to enable people to make change  I hope to learn about what projects people are working on and see if I can help with my skill set to move projects forward 
Susan Kaplan 

Twitter: @EnergyEffAction  

Website: www.mass.gov/doer  


Marketing & Outreach Coordinator at Mass. DOER, currently championing strategies to galvanize homeowners, renters, and businesses to reduce their energy consumption

Continuing my education: merging social media with traditional media to learn from and communicate with various constitutencies related to energy 




Selectman, Town of Templeton 

Light and Water commissioner, TMLWP

Balancing gov 2.0 with Open Meeting Law requirements and effect on public records...storage retention, formats.. 
 F. Mark Modzelewski


 Exec. Dir. of Non Profit Assc.; Advisor to PCAST; Former VC, Start-up CEO, Clinton Admin. Appointee; Campaign Consultant.  Interested in tools/strategies that make government more efficient
and responsive to citizens
Irene Ros 


Twitter: @ireneros 

Visualization Research Developer, Center for Social Software, IBM Research.  Interested in learning about challenges in communicating government data that can benefit from data visualization. 
John McCrory

Write: correspondence@johnmccrory.com

Follow: @johnmccrory on Twitter

Read: johnmccrory.com


My current work involves building a nationwide learning community for government, nonprofit, and academic officials interested in applying cost-benefit analysis in criminal justice (More info on this project...)I am an independent consultant on marketing and communications strategy and social media. Seeing a broad variety of applications of social media in government settings, especially including those which are not directly citizen-facing. Seeing how record retention reqs are being met.
Danielle Martin 



@mizzdmartin on Twitter



Master in City Planning, DUSP MIT, Broadband stimulus adoption research, youth media & organizing, community media,  How young and media centered activists can be engaged by Gov 2.0 and other social media tools and also become leaders in their local communities by creating their own new tools 
Charles Lenchner



Consultant on online organizing. Special interest in local political races, labor movement and community organizing integration. Looking for great examples of gov apps that  candidates can copy as part of an election campaign.
Steve Sherlock


@shersteve on Twitter

@FranklinMAtters on Twitter

volunteer Community Information Director for the placeblog covering Franklin, MA - FranklinMAtters I am looking to share what I have learned about reporting live on town business and to learn from others who are also looking to build a respectful, online community in an environment where most are still not online.
Nick Grossman 

nickyg at openplans dot org
@nickgrossman on twitter

blog @ http://wrkng.net

Director of Civic Works at the Open Planning Project -- http://openplans.org   Trying to envision the ideal tool for participatory city planning and public space management. 
Lydia Gilbert


@lydlag on Twitter

Technology commitments lead, and economic empowerment manager at Clinton Global Initiative Learning about trends and opportunities for action
Glenn Tremblay


@gtremblay on Twitter

Working in the Commonwealth CTO's office on the open data initiative, ITconsolidation , and facilitating enterprise collaboration through cross-agency tools (Mass.Gov/wiki) Learning  how we can make the most of open data efforts for the greater good of the community as well as how others are building communities for collaboration online.
John Moore


@JohnFMoore on Twitter

Blog: http://johnfmoore.wordpress.com

CTO and SVP of Engineering at Swimfish (Danvers, MA). Blogger about common sense business and government. Interested in discovering the meaning of life.  Any ideas welcome.
Scott Macmillan


@MrMacguffin on Twitter


Founder of indie studio Macguffin Games. Learning more about Gov2.0 in general, and possible intersections with game design and development.
Thom Goodsell thom.goodsell{AT}me.com Software Engineer at Humedica, Inc., Organizer at CrisisCamp Boston, Founder of as-yet unnamed non-profit. See how I can help make government more open and responsive to its citizens, and meet new and interesting people.
Liz Sachs


@blacktabi on Twitter

Software Engineer at Humedica, Inc., Organizer at CrisisCamp Boston
Learn about opportunities for citizen involvement, what I can do to further them, and how we might link CrisisCamp into the Gov2.0 network to leverage both groups
Matthew Sachs




Software Engineer at ITA Software Learn about how governments and citizens are reaching out to each other.
Philipp Schroegel

p.schroegel (attt) googlemail (dottt) com


MPP student at the Kennedy School of Government, Phycisist Get in touch with experts and practitioners.
Jess Weiss

Twitter: @jessweiss

jessica.weiss AT state.ma.us

Project & Social Media Coordinator, Mass.gov Learning more about using web 2.0 and social media to make government more effective and response. Unconventional uses of new technology. Meeting others with an interest in same.
Nathan Spencer 

Twitter: @NathanSpencer


Director of Community Relations for the PSF Community Center; Public Member of the MBTA Rider Oversight Committee Learn more about how government is using technology and more about how we can better services and effectiveness of them through technology.
Julie Steele 

jsteeleeditor (Twitter/AIM/Skype) 


Acquisitions Editor at O'Reilly Media  Learn what ideas and tools (especially open source) people inside and outside of gov need to be effective. Also, how best to connect people with those ideas and tools (i.e., what content delivery formats are most useful and appealing?).
Stephen Buckley 

sbuckley (attt) UStransparency.com


skype: opengov 

pioneer: OpenGov1.0 (the 1990s version)

moderator: OpenGovDirective email-list

radio: OpenGovRadio.com

organizer: OpenGov WorkshopSeries

blog: U.S.Transparency

I want to learn how to improve the discussion about Gov2.0's role in the overall Open Government effort. -- AND, I want inform younger-crowd about the 1990s' attempt at "OpenGov" culture-change, so they can learn NOT to make the same mistakes.

Jon Pierce  http://jonpierce.com@jonpierce  Developer; Founder of the coworking space Betahouse; Founding Trustee of The Awesome Foundation; organizer of events like BarCamp Boston, Open Government Hack Day, and Music Hack Day Boston I'd love to hear updates on many of the Gov 2.0 initiatives that have emerged over the past year. What has worked, what hasn't, what are the big problems that need to be addressed for real, lasting change, how can governments and technologists better work together.
James Hamski
environmental scientist; interests in regional development, energy, water resources
I'm interested in how information access can improve the function of government institutions and further their effectiveness and trustworthiness with the public.  
Wayne Cronin




Detective Sergeant, policy researcher, MuniGov20 member, twitter addict
The dynamics of organizational culture and social media adoption/use, what new SM tools are out there that could enhance effectiveness of public safety
Kate Geyer

Twitter: @parsnipsoup

emails:kate@qakq.com, kate.geyer@state.ma.us

I work in the Commonwealth's Technology Office on the Open Data Initiative & the Shared Application Infrastructure project
I'm interested in building state and local open data communities & Free software tools so we all can use the data.
Monika Adamczyk

Twitter: @macotech

emails: monika@maco-tech.com, monika.m.adamczyk@ugov.gov

Independent IT Consultant (MACO TECH INC), Government Contractor, Organizer at Boston CrisisCamp, Mass GTUG Manager
I am interested in learning about Gov 2.0 initiatives at all levels of the government (from local to federal)
Patty Caya


Twitter: @trixielatour

e-mail: pcaya@yahoo.com

Interactive producer and content strategist
I am interested in Gov 2. the state of the state: what initiatives are actually in place, what are the priorities and what are the major wish list items at various levels of government.
Jessica Heinzelman


twitter @jaheinzelman

Political strategy consultant turned Fletcher School grad student studying conflict resolution with interest in tech and corruption.
I hope to share interesting ideas, learn from others and think about how things might be applied in the developing world. 
Jenn Chin


Twitter: jennchin

Communications Coordinator at Metropolitan Area Planning Council
Learning about effective social web communications strategies in government
Karen Liot Hill



City Councilor, Lebanon, New Hampshire
how government can be more responsive and accessible to the community it serves; how technology can help foster civic engagement
Steve Backman



Principal, Database Designs Associates, Boston, MA learning and sharing about the intersection of nonprofit and government use of technology to improve services and advance advocacy.
Ryan Androsoff


twitter: @saskprairiefire

Master in Public Policy Candidate @ Harvard Kennedy School of Government


Professional career highlights include: working in Canadian politics, Ministerial Policy Advisor in the Government of Canada, and Results-Based Management policy work at the World Bank in D.C.

1) Networking with other Gov 2.0 professionals and enthusiasts


2) Feedback on current thesis research regarding the City of Somerville's "ResiStat" program


3) Learning about practical "on-the-ground" success stories and failures in trying to move towards a Gov 2.0 model


4) Brilliant new ideas (potentially out of left, or even right, field) that will give me food for thought!

Rony Camille 


Twitter: @tyngsboroughma.gov



Media Program Director/Webmaster Town of Tyngsborough, MA  & Freelance Media Producer 

Learn and share ideas w/others regarding Social Media and Open Local Government Online 

David Zwarg dzwarg@azavea.com Software Developer at Azavea, Cambridge, MA

What do governments and citizens have/need/want re: geospatial information, and what kinds of tool would best fit that need?

Margaret Demille

margaret.demille [at ] gmail [ dot ] com


Technical Editor w/ environmental engineering firm; Affiliate Project Manager/Social Media for Black Screen Studios There are so many conversations to be had; we want to participate in the process.
Brigitte Casemyr





Westborough Advisory Finance Committee member; 15+ town volunteer in diverse roles Intend to brief our Town Manager with concrete suggestions on how to get started on a small scale. Very interested to learn about the policies that have already been put in place by mass.gov, hoping that they will help us a long way to change the way we conduct town business.


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